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老舗マッサージ 復活



開店当時のスタッフが集まり 古豪復活を目指し

心機一転 再スタートします。




Veteran massage resurrection

Welcome to our website.

We work twenty years after opening a store in Sukhumvit 31.
Owners also changed a couple of times,
Staff at the time of opening store gathered and aiming for resurrection of veteran shop.
I will restart a sincere hospitality
Although the building is old, we are making an atmosphere and hospitality reminiscent of old Thai.

Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year

今年1年 ありがとうございました。


Thank you for this year.  We think

that the customer was also dissatisfied.

We will continue to improve the service,

so please look forward to next year.
Have a great holiday.





Open 11:00 Close 24:00

LINE ID : orangemassage31

Instagram : orangemassagebkk31

e-mail : orangemassagebkk@gmail.com


Opening hours

11:00 to 24:00

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